Hexing 2017 movie

Hexing (2017): The “Object Petit a” of the Yantra

Hexing is a 2017 supernatural horror film directed by Christophe Lenoir (produced by Vivek Singhania) that whirls around a cursed Ouija (yantra) board, a board that “protects” those who are called to play upon its mysteries by gruesomely punishing one’s enemies. To the death. It’s also the story of Hannah (Emma Eliza Regan), a young […]

Mandy 2018 Poster Unique

Mandy (2018): the Interior Loss of Vengeance

We’ll become a fiery heap of dead flesh and make them pay, Mandy. This is a ritual about the struggle to raise the dead. By blood. Or, if that’s too much to ask of God, at least allow those who suffer to reek unholy havoc on their oppressors’ heretical hearts. Here, on the screen, we […]

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Suspiria Review: The Necessity of Becoming

Welcome to our Suspiria review. This film is incredible. Luca Guadagnino’s 2018 re-interpretation (penned by the masterful David Kajganich and featuring Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton) is much more than a contemporary remake of Dario Argento’s hyper-horror classic. It is a film that goes beyond… absolutely beyond reason. By my Suspiria review, in light of […]