Mindful Trees

Three Easy Ways to Practice Being Present

Being present is a mindful approach to contemplation, a way for us to be present with this moment. And this one. And now this one. Like a gentle wind drifting in off the tide, within the blink of an eye, the day slips away from you, lost to memory. An ebb of your self. Gone. […]

Radiant Intimacy of the Heart

Radiant Intimacy of the Heart

Cynthia Bourgeault is a masterful communicator of the Contemplative Christian Tradition. This video provides an in-depth speech on the beauty of the objectless heart, and opens the path for a solid starting point for an understanding of non-dual awareness and/or perception of the mind in the heart. Is it a “heady” video? Yes. But, it […]

Thomas Keating

The Art of Living: A Quotation by Thomas Keating

The art of living should be seen as a worthy focus of contemplation. I am brand new to the contemplative teachings of Thomas Keating, but am very much interested in the idea of Contemplative Christianity, the practice of a the Centering Prayer, and other forms of Mystic Mindfulness. I’ll be researching these areas in the […]