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Psychoenergy.org and its associated explorations are the combined results of years of concentrated study in the disciplines of Communication Studies, Psychomagic, Contemplative Thought, Mysticism, Neurolinguistic Programming, Constructive Living, Psychophysical Meditation and Consciousness Training, Reichian therapy, Tantric Pratice, the Tarot, Stoicism, Creativity Studies, Cinematic Forms, Critical Interpretation, Religious Studies, Quantum Physics, Narrative Structures, Lacanian Psychotherapy, Electroacoustic Resonance, the Philosophy and Exploration of Horror, Butoh, Phenomenology, Cultural Studies, Interdimensionality, and more.

Through your studies with our materials, you will gain access to a variety of unique and engaging perspectives in the field of psychoenergetics and its related disciplines.


The purpose of working with Psychoenergy.org and its related materials is to channel and stimulate one’s mind and creative energies, both physical and mental, into a constructive and meaningful experience that allows one to gain a deeper and more realistic grasp of the human condition.

We live to build lives to deeper and more efficacious levels of existence. Take what serves your purposes and discard the rest. We are humbled by your presence here on our site.


Jamie Grefe, M.F.A., is an accomplished author, essayist, and screenwriter of unique genre narratives as well as an educator, creative consultant, and coach who lives and works in the Los Angeles area. His works can be found at: http://jamiegrefe.com

Grefe has significant experience teaching the Communication and Leadership works of Lee Thayer as well as Constructive Living principles as taught by David K. Reynolds, and has led lessons in the US, Japan, South Korea, and China. For all business and personal inquiries, please use our Contact Page.

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