Only the NOW is Eternity

Alex Zhang Hungtai

I’m drawn to the phrase, “Only the NOW is eternity,” to the flow that underlines that now. To a being present and of that Now. I thank Alex Zhang Hungtai for pulling me from the habit of blind habitual social media scrolling by posting this provocative image and quotation that allows for contemplation.

The NOW is Eternity

The centrality of light. Of a man gazing out toward the infinite waters. Of a mind resting in that flow of consciousness. There is a stillness to this image, a timeless breath, a bringing forth. And we are all caught up in the ways in which we mind the present. If the Now is eternity, then we are all eternal beings. But it’s the ability to enter into the non-dual flow and be that flow that illumines the depth of the present moment. What is this eternal moment? We can’t hold it in our hands. Of light and water. Focus on the man’s gaze. On how he seems to be frozen between that light and that blissful blue beyond.

The Now is Eternity.

Be of the Now.

Step outside of the mind’s want to analyze and divide. Be where the light meets the water. There, you’ll find the Now of eternity.

Pierrot from “Divine Weight”

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