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Constructive Living: A Featured Article

A few weeks back I wrote an article on the Constructive Living pathway under the moniker “Jack Mahler.” Recently, in speaking with Dr. David K. Reynolds, the founder of Constructive Living, I sent him the article. To my pleasant surprise, Reynolds has linked the article to the main page of one of his prominent CL websites.

Thank you, David!

My Constructive Living Journey

David K. Reynolds Constructive Living

I first started studying CL as an undergraduate. It came to me around the same time that I was studying the Japanese language, and the synergy of language plus this kind of constructive thought spoke to my Ideal self. It resonated and continues to resonate with me. Interestingly, of all the topics I’ve written about over the years on various sites and for various publishers, my Constructive Living posts from The Eyeslit-Crypt seem to garner the most attention. I think this is because Constructive Living is a truly useful and practical way of engaging with the world.

Toward Constructive Living

David K. Reynolds

“Acting on reality gets us some response from reality.  And it is that response that tells us about ourselves in the world.  We learn our true capabilities, our true limitations, and, invariably, what needs to be done next.”

Constructive Living gives us a pathway that syncs up with our thought and our behavior. Moreover, it allows for a mixture of other-centered reflection. This other-centered reflection can move us in tremendous ways, for its main goal is simply to ground us in Reality’s blessings. The air we breathe is a blessing from Reality. The clothes that we wear that were designed and manufactured by countless unknown others. The food that we eat that is prepared for us and packaged and sold. When one really takes a step back, one sees that Reality is always supporting us. We are never truly alone in our efforts. Years ago, as an undergraduate, this sense of connectedness was more liberating than most of the other thought-ways I was spending time with. And now, all these years later, Reynolds’ work continues to be a balm for life and integrates seamlessly with the ways in which my mind has developed in the areas of Contemplative thought and Communication studies.

What is certain is that I am sometimes this, sometimes that.

David K. Reynolds

Further Study

If you enjoy the above-linked article, then stop back by. I will be delving deeper into Constructive Living in the coming weeks. There is already a tremendous amount of literature out there on the topic, but CL continues to slink by under the radar of popular ways of living. No matter. Doing what needs to be done is all that matters.

If you are interested in how thought can influence behavior, please read my article on “As a Man Thinketh.”

Thank you.

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