Is Tamara Home? Strangers: Prey at Night

Is Tamara Home? On “The Strangers: Prey at Night”

Johannes Roberts’ The Strangers: Prey at Night follows a family of four who become human targets in a vicious game of cat and mouse, stalked by a trio of masked killers while staying overnight in an abandoned mobile home community. And the key question reverberates through our consciousness, “Is Tamara home?” A mantra of death, […]

Mandy 2018 Poster Unique

Mandy (2018): the Interior Loss of Vengeance

We’ll become a fiery heap of dead flesh and make them pay, Mandy. This is a ritual about the struggle to raise the dead. By blood. Or, if that’s too much to ask of God, at least allow those who suffer to reek unholy havoc on their oppressors’ heretical hearts. Here, on the screen, we […]

Mindful Trees

Three Easy Ways to Practice Being Present

Being present is a mindful approach to contemplation, a way for us to be present with this moment. And this one. And now this one. Like a gentle wind drifting in off the tide, within the blink of an eye, the day slips away from you, lost to memory. An ebb of your self. Gone. […]

Eyeslit Psychoenergy

Solitude and Desire: An Essay

Night ranges to deep, dips, drips black silence to a cool serenity of contemplation, solitude, desire. And I wait for dawn’s blur. I am no longer asleep. I walk. Stair to stair. For the coming tension and relaxation of muscles moving from bed to kitchen to sofa and back to the dark. This repetition is […]

Constructive Living USA

Constructive Living: A Featured Article

A few weeks back I wrote an article on the Constructive Living pathway under the moniker “Jack Mahler.” Recently, in speaking with Dr. David K. Reynolds, the founder of Constructive Living, I sent him the article. To my pleasant surprise, Reynolds has linked the article to the main page of one of his prominent CL […]

Radiant Intimacy of the Heart

Radiant Intimacy of the Heart

Cynthia Bourgeault is a masterful communicator of the Contemplative Christian Tradition. This video provides an in-depth speech on the beauty of the objectless heart, and opens the path for a solid starting point for an understanding of non-dual awareness and/or perception of the mind in the heart. Is it a “heady” video? Yes. But, it […]

Thomas Keating

The Art of Living: A Quotation by Thomas Keating

The art of living should be seen as a worthy focus of contemplation. I am brand new to the contemplative teachings of Thomas Keating, but am very much interested in the idea of Contemplative Christianity, the practice of a the Centering Prayer, and other forms of Mystic Mindfulness. I’ll be researching these areas in the […]

As a Man Thinketh

As a Man Thinketh in His Heart, So is He

Our character arises from the thoughts that we hold. We literally are what we think about. How our character evolves over time will depend on the quality and kinds of thoughts that flow out of us, and that we allow to flow into us. In short, we are what we make meaningful.